Managing Editor—Arrate Hidalgo
Reviews Editor—Nisi Shawl 
Features Editor—L. Timmel Duchamp
Arts Editor—Kath Wilham

Publishers' Guidelines

We review books in the following categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Poetry, Graphic Novels. We give priority consideration to small publishers.
Email the Reviews Editor with queries or you may send submissions directly. If a book is selected for review, a tear sheet will automatically be sent to the publisher.
Submissions should be sent at least four (4) months prior to publication.
Send one (1) copy of every title submitted.
All galleys should have the following information on the cover:
- Title
- Author
- Price
- Publisher and imprint
- Format
- Number of pages in the finished book
- 13-digit ISBN
- Month and year of publication
An accompanying letter should contain a description or synopsis of the book, and any pertinent publicity information, including the author's previous titles, blurbs, or previous reviews. Include a separate letter for each title submitted.
Please address packages to:
Reviews Editor
The Cascadia Subduction Zone
P.O. Box 95787
Seattle, WA 98145-2787